Online References

Blue Spotted Salamander at SommeWoods - 3/10/2010, © Lisa Culp
Blue Spotted Salamander at SommeWoods – 3/10/2010, © Lisa Culp

The Internet has a plethora of great references for conservation and sites containing regional observations. Some videos, newsletters, and the like are included as well.

Conservation Resources

Habitat Restoration

Species Information



  • Singing Insects Guide 2017 iconpdf | A species guide of Chicago region cicadas, crickets, katydids, and members of two grasshopper subfamilies. In contains photos; current and historical range maps;  seasonal and time-of-day information; descriptions of the insects and their songs;  conservation concerns; and range expansions. Please contact Carl Strang or visit his blog to get on the mailing list for future updates.


  • Wild Things 2015 Keynote: Pat Hayes provided the introduction to this record breaking Wild Things conference, and Cook County Board President Tony Preckwinkle welcomed the audience (she starts at 6:45).  Keynote speaker and Nachusa Grasslands Project Director Bill Kleyman tells the story of bison in North American grasslands, including how they returned to Nachusa in 2014.  Bill speaks from 16:45-46:51.

Other Online Resources

  • Habitat Herald Newletters: A quarterly publication by Audubon Chicago Region from January 2003 through September 2014 that featured conservation related articles written by members of the Wild Things conservation community.
  • BCN Survey: A database for Chicagoland monitors and other birders to enter and view observations.
  • Illinois and Chicago Net-Birding:  Lots of information about the local and regional birding scene.
  • Gallery of Pests:  “Get to know the pests that are destroying our forests,” brought to you by Don’t Move Firewood. All states in the Chicago Wilderness restrict the movement of firewood.