2007 Wild Things Conference

WildthingsConfWordPressBanner2007The 2007 Wild Things conference was held on March 3rd at Northeastern Illinois University.  Here are some numbers:

  • 830 registrants
  • 96 presentations
  • 38 exhibits
  • 19 sponsoring organizations

A warm thank you and congratulations to this very long list of people and organizations who worked together to make it happen. Their generosity is inspired by, and reflects a spirited, active and caring community, and helps us win more friends and more support for the natural areas we all love.

All of our speakers, including the featured speakers, donated their time and travel expenses.

We have included a copy of the iconpdf brochure—please share it with local groups or individuals who may be interested in our conference or presenters.  Please refer to Wild Things Conference Materials for conference resources and handouts given out by presenters.

The people who brought you Wild Things

Wild Things was possible only through the cooperation of many local organizations and hard working volunteers. Thanks to everyone for making this day a smashing success—the world will be a better place for it.

Program Committee

Greg Rajsky (Co-chair), volunteer steward Lone Oak Fen; Karen Tharp (Co-chair), Nature Conservancy; Judy Pollock, Audubon Chicago Region; Elizabeth Cervera, Audubon Chicago Region; Stephen Packard, Audubon Chicago Region;  Laurel Ross, Field Museum; Al Wilson, steward Lake-in the-Hills Fen; Sue Williams,  Poplar Creek Prairie Stewards; Marianne Kozlowski, North Branch Restoration Project; Donnie Dann, Bird Conservation Network; Sue Lodgen

Track Shepherds

Benjamin Cox, Friends of the Forest Preserves; Doug Chien, Sierra Club; Tom Peterson, Fermilab butterfly monitor; Justin Pepper, Audubon Chicago Region; Rebecca Blazer, Friends of the Parks; Jane Balaban, Harms Woods steward; John Elliot, Forest Preserve District of Cook County; Dick Riner, Bird Conservation Network; Joe Suchecki, Springbrook Prairie steward; Jeff Skibins; Victor Cassidy, author; Jean Sellar, Friends of the Forest Preserves; June Kiebler, Fox Valley Land Foundation

Publicity Committee

Lisa Nagel, Advocate, Audubon Chicago Region; Julia Martinez, Northwestern University; Michelle Uting, Chicago Wilderness Staff

Logistics Committee

  • Co-chairs: Libby Hill, Evanston North Shore Bird Club, Northeastern Illinois University; Gina Lettiere, Loyola University;
  • Cindy Fox, Friends of the Chicago River; Cindy Hedges, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County; Danusia Siedlarz, Northeastern Illinois University; Kelly Bougher, Northeastern Illinois University; Michelle McNab; Tom Lang; Jack Watson;
  • Exhibitors: Linda Masters, North Branch Restoration Project;
  • Brochure Design: Barbara Wilson, Lake in the Hills Fen;
  • Book Signing: Kathy Garness;
  • T-shirt Design: Bobby Sutton and Dick Riner;

Services Donated

  • Web site: Marilyn L. Schweitzer, Gary Davis, National Audubon Society
  • Conference Facilities: Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Northeastern Illinois University—thanks especially to Libby Hill, Erick Howenstine, Lydia Sikat, and Chaelecea Cooper
  • Publicity: Christine Esposito of Terracom Public Relations, Inc.
  • Brochure Artwork: Marlene Hill Donnelly
  • Program Book Design: Anne Brent of Gallery No. 9, Inc.
  • Coffee: The Volunteer Stewardship Network
  • Packet stuffers: Kathy Pulte, Steve & Monica Sentoff, Victor Cassidy, JoAnn Monge, Bruce Blake, Tim Gerk, Frank Keller, Shirley Mirrilees, Terry Vorhauer, Yvette Liautaud, Kathy Kozaky, Eileen Bunker, Sandra Baumgardner, Wayne Lampa, Brian Jenkins

Registration Volunteers & “Orange Vest Brigade”

Lane Barham, Loyola Univ Chicago student; Laura Berthold, Loyola Univ Chicago student; Kelly Marie Bougher, NEIU student; Ann Bratton; Stephanie Brauning, NEIU student; Colin Carney, Northwestern student; Anja Claus; Scott Goedert, NEIU student; Diane Gritton, NEIU student; Natalie Dutack, NEIU student; Bee James, NEIU student; Melvina Karpouzian, NEIU student; Angela Kerber; John Kloempken; Mary Kopka; Tom Lang; Jayne Lilienfeld-Jones; Sue Logden; Ciera Martinez, NEIU student; Michelle McNab; Chloe Partelow; Eileen Penner, Northwestern student; Raphael Porto, Loyola Univ Chicago student; Sharon Rakowski; Mary Schultz, NEIU student; Danusia Siediarz, NEIU student; Nina Siediarz; Arlene Sison, The Field Museum; Camille Steward, NEIU student; Cindy Stowell, Loyola Univ Chicago student; Kim Strout, NEIU student; Beth Sturgeon, Northwestern student; Georgia Yelton, NEIU student; Ricky Youngs, NEIU student;


Audubon Chicago RegionBird Conservation NetworkChicago Audubon SocietyChicago Botanic GardenChicago WildernessChicago Wilderness MagazineThe Field MuseumA Fresh SqueezeFriends of the Chicago RiverFriends of the Forest PreservesGallery No. 9Habitat ProjectIllinois Butterfly Monitoring NetworkThe Volunteer Stewardship NetworkThe Nature ConservancyDepartment of Geography & Environmental Studies at NEIUSierra Club, Illinois ChapterTerracom Public RelationsForest Preserve District of DuPage County

“Wild Things” is co-sponsored by: Audubon Chicago Region, the Volunteer Stewardship Network, The Nature Conservancy, Chicago Wilderness Magazine, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Northeastern Illinois University and other Chicago Wilderness organizations.

This project was funded through a grant program supported by the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area, State and Private Forestry, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, in support of Chicago Wilderness. USFWS and USFS grants of federal monies are administered by the Illinois Conservation Foundation.