2005 Wild Things Conference

WildthingsConfWordPressBanner2005The 2005 Wild Things conference was held on February 26 at Northeastern Illinois University. 760 people attended the gathering—all enthusiastically pursuing their interest in the natural world. People left feeling motivated, recharged, and ready to change the world.

  • “It’s great to see what’s going on in Chicago — it’s really going on. That’s cool.” – Katherine Beckett
  • “It’s exciting as can be to be here, all these people, a lot of energy. I loved the talk on mosses. I’m excited to see Wayne Lampa is really going to study them and give us stewards some information on how to manage for mosses.” – John Balaban, Harms Woods Steward
  • “I’m trying to grow native plants in my backyard, it’s an avocation of mine. It’s very inspiring to see that this many people will turn out for an event like this.” – Sarah Simmons, Midwife
  • “I’m so excited by all of the energy here. It inspires me to get more involved.” – Tom Besore, Lawyer
  • “I feel like it could have been a two day conference, with so many choices on the agenda. I would definitely come for two days.” – Allison Cook, Coordinator of the Upper Desplains River Ecosystem Partnership
  • “This day has been incredibly motivating. I live on four acres of oak woodland, and I can’t wait to start working with other homeowners who want to restore their own natural areas.” – Marietta Hance, Homeowner

Wild Things was possible only through the cooperation of many local organizations and hard working volunteers. Thanks to everyone for making this day a smashing success—the world will be a better place for it.

All of our speakers, including the featured speakers, donated their time and travel expenses.

We have included a copy of the iconpdf brochure—please share it with local groups or individuals who may be interested in our conference or presenters.

The people who brought you Wild Things

Conference Planning Group Leaders:

  • Program: Greg Rajsky,Tom Peterson, and Julie Sacco
  • Logistics: Mel Manner, Cindy Vasquez, Libby Hill
  • Publicity: Lisa Nagel, Christine Esposito, Karen Billo
  • Exhibits: Linda Masters, Barb Birmingham, Kathy Garness

Chicago Wilderness Partners Who Donated Valuable Services:

  • Chicago Wilderness Magazine: Phyllis Weir
  • Chicago Botanic Garden: Denise Walsh, Wayne Becker
  • DuPage FPD: Cindy Hedges

“Wild Things” was co-sponsored by: Audubon-Chicago Region, the Volunteer Stewardship Network, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Forest Preserve Districts, the Field Museum, Sierra Club, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Northeastern Illinois University and other Chicago Wilderness organizations.