Book Signing

In 2017, the Wild Things Conference will once again host our region’s outstanding authors. You will have the opportunity to meet them and purchase autographed books during the lunch hour. We will feature the long-awaited pre-release of Flora of the Chicago Region, along with other titles from the Indiana Academy of Sciences,
the University of Chicago, and other presses.

Authors highlighted in bold will be present to sign books.
*Authors accept credit card, cash, and check unless otherwise noted.


Flora of the Chicago Region
Authors: Gerould Wilhelm
& Laura Rericha

Wild Things is the pre-release celebration for the new Flora of the Chicago Region by Gerould Wilhem and Laura Rericha. View advance copies of the book, and place your discounted pre-order at the conference! About this 1300+ page book Dr. Robert Mohlenbrock notes, “This will be considered the most complete flora ever written for anyplace in the U.S.  They have painstakingly and accurately recorded an incredible array of interactions between the flora and other organisms, especially insects… many of these associations not previously known or recorded… almost beyond belief.”  This is NOT a revised edition of Plants of the Chicago Region – it is MUCH more.

My Journey Into the Wilds of Chicago
Author: Mike MacDonald

Appreciation Sale for Wild Things Attendees! Order online and pick up at the conference to save 20% to 36%. This luxurious, fine art photography book was nationally acclaimed by Publishers Weekly for its “glorious, full-color photographs” and “celebratory, soulful, and poetic” writing. The book celebrates the majesty of Chicago nature and your generous and loving work to preserve and restore Chicagoland’s natural treasures. “The words ‘electrifying’ and ‘monumental’ come to mind. I can imagine many people saying, ‘This book changed my life.’” —Stephen Packard

City Creatures – Animal Encounters in the Chicago Wilderness
Editors: Gavin Van Horn and Dave Aftandilian

City Creatures introduces readers to an astonishing diversity of urban wildlife with a unique and accessible mix of essays, poetry, paintings, and photographs.The contributors bring a story-based approach to this urban expedition, taking readers on birding expeditions to the Magic Hedge at Montrose Harbor on the North Side, canoe trips down the South Fork of the Chicago River (better known as Bubbly Creek), and insect-collecting forays or restoration work days in the suburban forest preserves. The powerful combination of insightful narratives, numinous poetry, and full-color art throughout City Creatures will help readers see the city—and the creatures who share it with us—in an entirely new light.

Pembroke – a Rural, Black Community on the Illinois Dunes
Author: Dave Baron
Price: $26.50
*Credit card only

The Prairie of the Illinois Country
Author: Bob Betz
Price: $35.00

Insects and Spiders
Author: James Boone, Illustrated by Peggy MacNamara

Field Guide to Freshwater Mussels of the Midwest
Authors: Kevin S. Cummings and Christine A. Mayer
Price: $10.00

Dragonflies of Indiana
Author: James R. Curry
Price: $25.00

Orchids of Indiana
Author: Mike Homoya
Price: $24.00

 Plain Ol’ Charlie Deam: Pioneer Indiana Botanist
Author: Ralph C. Kriebel
Price: $12.00

Periodical Cicadas. The Plague and the Puzzle
Author: Gene Kritsky
Price: $18.00

Building the Canal to Save Chicago
Author: Richard Lanyon
Price: $16.00
*Cash and check only

Draining Chicago – the Early City and the North Area
Author: Richard Lanyon
Price: $25.00
*Cash and check only

Architecture in Birds and Insects
Author: Peggy MacNamara

Nature’s Portraits: A Coloring Book of Scales, Tails, Furs, and Wings
Author: Peggy MacNamara

Painting Wildlife in Watercolor
Author: Peggy MacNamara

The Art of Migration
Author: Peggy MacNamara

The Sunflower Family in the Upper Midwest
Authors: Susanne Masi and Thomas Antonio
Price: $30.00

Amphibians and Reptiles of Indiana
Author: Sherman A Minton Jr.
Price: $28.00

Biological Pollution: The Control and Impact of Invasive Exotic Species
Author: Bill McKnight
Price: $10.00

Rantings of a Mad Botanist
Author: Bill McKnight
Price: $45.00

Birdscaping in the Midwest
Authors: Mariette Nowak and Dr. Peter Raven
Price: $34.95
*Cash and check only

Sedges of Indiana and the Adjacent States: The Non-Carex Species
Author: Paul Rothrock
Price: $32.00

Native Trees of the Midwest:
Identification, Wildlife Values, & Landscaping Use
Authors: Sally S. Weeks, Harmon P. Weeks, Jr. and George R. Parker
Price: $35.00

Why Birds Matter – Avian Ecological Function and Ecosystem Services
Author: Chris Whelan
Price: $45.00